The majority of our commissions are individually designed and built for residential and commercial environments. We welcome your interest.
Slice Tables

Available in a selection
of solid woods.
H 15" x W 15" x D 5"
(basic component)

Short, long, small or tall, Slice reinvents the square table. This endless series of multifunctional tables adapts perfectly to residential, commercial and working environments. The coherently simple design combines architectural forms and custom configurations with the natural characteristics of solid wood construction.
Slice is made to order. Contact us with your requirements.

Deep Moss

Resin, cellular metal,
anodized aluminum
H 16.75" x W 49.75" x D 8"

An innovative layering of resin, cellular metal and refracted light create Deep Moss' luminous glow of ever-changing depth and texture.
The cool, dense surface softly transitions to a blurry amber landscape as light gradually filters through the metal's random pores and openings, referencing nature without directly imitating it.
Contained within an anodized structural aluminum frame, Deep Moss adds an effective and diverse light source to residential or commercial spaces.
Deep Moss is a limited edition, each one unique in the way it diffuses and filters light. Controlled by a remote dimmer, Deep Moss has the option of 12 pre-set illuminated stages or a manual slide switch. Mounting hardware is provided. Installation is required.
Contact us for pricing and availability.