Long Division

Solid white oak, anodized aluminum

H 12.75” x W 96” x D 48”

Long Division reaches beyond the established boundaries of scale, simplicity, and functionality. With an overall length of 8 feet, this low and narrow table creates subtle presence, while offering a naturally expansive form that’s tailor- made for open spaces, including lobbies, reception areas, and residential lofts. Crafted from a minimal aluminum spine and interlocking wood panels, Long Division strikes an effective balance between less and more.

Extra Space

Solid white oak, resin, Corian, anodized aluminum
Solid walnut, resin, Corian, anodized aluminum

H 29” x W 132” x D 105”

Designed specifically for residential lofts, Extra Space combines a dining table, bar, and desk into a multifunctional centerpiece. This all-in-one design is flexible and engaging, making it a perfect fit for open living spaces. With its generous surfaces and diverse materials, Extra Space connects casual and formal settings without compromising one for the other. Its linear profile has a light and cohesive look which embraces a new residential sensibility.


Solid rift sawn white oak, Corian

H 29.5” x W 93” x D 54”

Bringing people together is at the core of this table’s evolutionary design. The asymmetrical shape of Juice provides seating which is far more natural than that of traditional, rectangular tables. Created as the centerpiece for a Bay Area design agency, Juice seats up to six people, making it ideal for office meetings, collaborative work sessions, and lunchtime socializing. Its clean and incisive design features a large, scratch-resistant Corian surface coupled with a beveled wood frame and matching trestle legs.

Crate | Storage Series

Solid rift sawn white oak, rift sawn white oak plywood, concealed hardware

Side table | H 20.25” x W 16” x D 16”
Low credenza | H 20.25” x W 74” x D 19”
2-door credenza | H 29.5” x W 50” x D 19”
3-door credenza | H 29.5” x W 74” x D 19”

Modeled after iconic wooden shipping crates, this storage collection brings a new form of utilitarianism to commercial and residential spaces. Practical design, concealed hardware, and laser-etched icons keep these crates true to their roots, while solid wood details and precise craftsmanship transform them into a refined furniture collection. Four size options can be mixed and matched, including side tables, credenzas and media storage for the living room, bedroom, boardroom or lobby. Each crate comes with soft-close doors, cord management pass-through and adjustable shelves.  For a custom version of the Crate series, see Gamebox.


Resin, solid walnut, anodized aluminum

H 29” x W 165” x D 72”

By fusing two tables into one, Cloud takes a stunningly dissident approach to large conference table design. Originally built for Zynga's CEO, the table’s offset layout provides diverse seating options and work areas—the walnut surface for smaller, intimate meetings and the reflective resin surface for larger groups. These contrasting materials visually minimize the table’s large size and further define the look and feel of separate tables and areas. The custom fabricated aluminum frame features an integrated cable management system concealing the power and data cables while leaving them easily accessible.

Mass Appeal | Foam | Bench System

Polyurethane foam, UV coating

Short | H 18” x W 52.50” x D 31.25”
Long | H 18” x W 76” x D 31.35”

Mass Appeal Foam is designed for indoor and outdoor use—from libraries and lounges to patios and pool sides. Its solid, lightweight polyurethane foam construction has a hand-finished coating that is UV protected, water-resistant, and available in custom colors. 

The Mass Appeal bench system is our response to seeing how people naturally sit and interact in public spaces. By introducing a slight angle to its form, Mass Appeal breaks away from conventional straight line bench systems with the choice of inward-facing, intimate seating, or outward-facing separation. The two sizes can be used individually or combined in an endless number of arrangements making Mass Appeal perfect for a wide range of environments, including museums, galleries, and lobbies.  See the Wood version here.

Mass Appeal | Wood | Bench System

Solid walnut, powder coated aluminum plate

Short | H 18” x W 52.50” x D 31.25”
Long | H 18” x W 76” x D 31.35”

The Hard Core series combines two classic materials, solid walnut and aluminum plate, to create a refined, unconventional layered structure that offers strength, warmth, and color to the bench system.

The Mass Appeal bench system is our response to seeing how people naturally sit and interact in public spaces. By introducing a slight angle to its form, Mass Appeal breaks away from conventional straight line bench systems with the choice of inward-facing, intimate seating, or outward-facing separation. The two sizes can be used individually or combined in an endless number of arrangements making Mass Appeal perfect for a wide range of environments, including museums, galleries, and lobbies. See the Foam version here.


Resin, solid walnut, solid ash, fiber composite panel, anodized aluminum

H 29” x W 180” x D 120”  

Commissioned by gaming company Zynga for their San Francisco headquarters, this large boardroom table seats up to 16 people comfortably. Referencing the company’s interior design, 1015’s concept is based on the idea of an eclectic mix of tables pushed together to form one giant table. The contrasting materials create a casual and playful feel, in line with the company's culture, while the table’s detailing speaks to quality and refinement. Power and data cables are concealed inside the custom-fabricated frame and legs.

Gamebox | Storage Series

Solid ash, ash plywood, concealed hardware

3-door | H 31” x W 74” x D 25” (shown)

This custom version of the Crate series was designed for Zynga to discretely house video conferencing servers throughout the company’s San Francisco offices. With a nod to a classic gaming element, the wooden shipping crate, these cabinets embrace the client’s identity and play an essential role in the company’s dynamic and energetic interiors. Depending on size and technical requirements, meeting rooms received two-bay, three-bay (shown), or four-bay crates. Special five-bay crates accompany the massive 1015 table in the executive boardroom. Concealed door hardware and hidden locks secure the crates' contents while keeping their function purposely vague and mysterious. Refined but not precious, the solid ash design gives the crates the style and durability needed for a demanding office environment.

Container | Storage Series

Solid walnut, walnut plywood

H 18” x W 42” x D 18”

Inspired by the iconic shipping containers at the Port of Oakland, this piece reimagines the stackable industrial form as a residential storage system. Echoing the proportions of a standard 20-foot container, each piece has two large compartments with matching soft-close doors. When stacked, the beautifully detailed units can double as a room divider—perfect where storage is at a premium. This design comes in a variety of wood options, referencing the container colors of global freight companies.


Solid walnut, resin

H 15.5” x W 48” x D 42”

With its precise geometry of angles and cantilevered surfaces, the 4140 low table maintains a clear focus on style and individuality. The asymmetrical shape continues to reinvent itself as the viewer moves around the room. The warmth and transparency of the resin surface interact with light, creating a stunning contrast to the dark grain of the finely crafted walnut frame.

Winner of 3form’s Editors Choice Award for residential furniture.


Solid walnut, Corian

H 16” x W 16” x D 16”

Starting out as ordinary square side tables until an accidental cut revealed their potential as a mirrored pair with geometric, cutaway interiors. Seamless white Corian creates a floating nook for magazines and adds striking contrast to the natural walnut exterior. Individually, the Delete units fit right in as matching bedside tables or conversation pieces  around the room. Together, they form a one-of-a-kind coffee table with hidden storage.


Solid white oak, stainless steel hardware

H 18” x W 18” x D 18”

Shift brings geometric innovation to the classic cube[JG1]  with the addition of intricate angles and a unique cutout interior. The compact frame makes a natural choice for a side table, while solid wood construction ensures a durable foundation for all-purpose use.

Slice | Table Series

Solid walnut

A | H 15” x W 30” x D 20”
B | H 15” x W 20” x D 20”
C | H 15” x W 30” x D 25” 

Presented as a series of three architectural accent tables, Slice takes the design and functionality of the traditional cube to the third power. Each solid wood unit features a slightly different combination of surfaces and open storage spaces, making this trio a highly versatile choice for residential and commercial spaces.  See Long Slice for a significantly larger companion piece designed for hotel lobbies and reception areas.


Solid white oak, powder coated aluminum plate

H 16" x W 48" x D 30"

A sketchbook silhouette brought to life, Blackbird represents a union of geometric precision and shifting perspectives. The solid wood design creates a natural asymmetry in this coffee table, while the matte black aluminum interior adds depth and dimensionality. This dynamic table brings intrigue to any interior, from residential to commercial spaces.


Solid walnut

H 24” x W 93” x D 24”

Influenced more by architectural engineering than furniture design, Switch bench defines new territory with its multi-tiered structure. Each solid wood layer plays a key role in the form’s structural integrity, while the open interior gives the illusion of a floating frame. Positioned along a wall or center stage in a room, the piece offers an array of possibilities for seating, storage and display.

Deep Swiss

Solid black walnut, chrome hardware

H 16” x W 16” x D 16”

Architecturally inspired, Deep Swiss derives its unique shape from blocks of solid walnut. The stacked design creates the table’s surface and legs, while the spaces in between allow light to filter through its hovering silhouette. The blocks highlight the wood's end grain, with its naturally varied patterns and colors, making Deep Swiss a stunning piece for any room.

3 Chord

Solid walnut, Corian, bead-blasted stainless steel

H 29.5” x W 72” x D 34”

3 Chord’s striking design brings the essence of style and function to your workspace. A smart combination of cantilevered extensions transform a basic rectangular desk into a dynamic work surface for up to three people. Elegant from all sides, 3 Chord makes a compelling impact in relation to how people actually sit and work. Its strong material combination and intuitive form convey a sense of purpose and beauty, ensuring decades of use and enjoyment.

3 X 5

Solid Douglas fir, anodized aluminum

H 18” x W 28” x D 17”

Meticulously crafted from architectural beams, 3 x 5 is a distinct mix of precision fabrication and the inherent variations of grains, knots and textures. Over time, the beams will develop cracks and splits, subtly altering the table’s appearance. Rather than limiting the design, these natural changes add character to the piece.  This sturdy, engaging piece is ideal as a low table for residential and commercial spaces.  See also 3 X 5 Carbon.

3 X 5 Carbon

Solid Douglas fir, anodized aluminum

H 18” x W 28” x D 17”

3 x 5 Carbon features a standard 3 x 5 table with a beautiful, flame charred finish. This traditional technique stabilizes the Douglas fir beams by burning away the wood’s softer grains, leaving behind highly textured and durable surfaces. Natural cracks and splits are enlarged from the flames’ heat, adding to the uniqueness of each piece. Once sealed, the carbonized beams retain an iridescent sheen with warm black undertones. With its inherent strength and simplicity, 3 x 5 Carbon is a perfect table for residential and commercial spaces.


Solid rift sawn white oak, powder coated steel

H 29.5” x W 120” x D 39”

Combining a small table feel with large table functionality, Superflat provides the best of both worlds. Directional wood grains and subtle surface extensions define the table-within-a-table concept, creating an intimate space for two at daily meals and a generous table surface for large dinner parties.

Long Slice

Solid walnut

H 15” x W 75” x D 25” 

Long Slice offers a linear extension of the original Slice table that can be customized to various lengths to accommodate hotel lobbies or reception areas. The cutaway design and geometric repetition produce a striking combination of lit and shadowed spaces. A perfect showpiece for hotel lobbies and reception areas, the structure provides endless storage and display options.  This design is also available in several side table configurations, see the Slice gallery.


Solid jatoba

H 16” x W 16” x D 16”

Built from 11 solid wood panels, Twenty-Four is an assemblage of perspectives and possibilities. Placed on any one of its six unique sides, the table reveals a deceivingly complex, puzzle-like interior beneath the cutout surfaces. 

Sound On Sound

Resin, anodized aluminum, stainless steel hardware

H 30” x W 96” x D 48”
H 30” x W 120 x D 48”

Conceived of as a series of work stations for a San Francisco video editing studio, Sound on Sound combines straightforward construction and functionality with clean, modern lines. The table’s lightweight yet durable aluminum frame is built to support long spans of equipment and demanding loads, while providing uninterrupted legroom in front and an accessible cable management system in back. A transparent resin surface adds visual lightness and warmth to the expansive design.


Solid jatoba, powder coated steel

H 12” x W 84” x D 22”

3am’s long and low silhouette breaks from traditional furniture scale with an exaggerated amount of surface space, for storage and display. The hovering wraparound shelf completes the simple and versatile design.