Designed for Adidas Skateboarding, these point-of-purchase displays, allow the shoes, skaters, and photography to speak for themselves. Each of the three highlighters features a large, billboard-like, photo panel, which is updated with new releases, increasing the display's lifespan. The designs take a minimalistic approach to branding and adds new colors and materials to the company's visual identity.

Tab Tower

Maple plywood, high density polyethylene, powder coated steel, screen print

H 66” x W 18” x D 18”

Commissioned by Adidas Skateboarding, Tabs Tower is a point-of-purchase shoe display created for skate shops across the country. The maple plywood surfaces reference laminated skateboard decks, while finely textured side panels look like black grip tape. This freestanding, double-sided tower displays 12 shoes (6 per side), floating on maple dowels. Metal tabs wrap around one side, featuring subtle but easily recognizable branding.