Martin Sprouse is a design firm based in Oakland, California. We specialize in furniture, interiors, and products for commercial, residential, and cultural environments.

We make the practical compelling, and the familiar interesting

We create custom, limited edition and mass production pieces. Our diverse range of projects encompasses many scales and functions, from residential tables to large scale workstations, from commercial interiors to mobile museums. In addition to releasing our own designs, we also collaborate with clients on public and private commissions.

Martin Sprouse

Martin's take on design draws from his early 80s punk rock education and a lifelong obsession with architecture. He began working in architectural firms before he could drive, and by age 18 he had designed his first chair. Through his immersion in the punk scene (including the publishing of books, fanzines, and graphic arts projects), Martin developed the skills, independent vision, and motivation to start his own design company. For 15 years, he operated Martin Sprouse Furniture, which specialized in custom pieces.

We’re inspired by troublemakers, not tastemakers

Our designs create new frameworks and possibilities for everyday interactions, inviting people to experience their social, living and working spaces with a unique perspective. Some projects are informed by natural seating patterns, while other designs enhance the way people circulate through public spaces or engage with exhibits and displays. Our concepts are deliberate and intuitive; every shape has a purpose, every form has a function. This cohesive method is what sets us apart and
allows us to create furniture and interiors that balance innovation, function and style.

We don’t subscribe to a particular style or follow a set of rules

We follow a comprehensive approach to research and design development. From the initial ideation through final production, we maintain the integrity and vision of each project. A key strength is our ability to transform our ideas into built work. We pride ourselves on creating detailed production plans to ensure that every project is delivered on time and on budget. All of our work is constructed in America with a commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and fabrication technologies.

We challenge what’s established and question what’s expected

We design for longevity; our work is built to last. Our selection of materials, fabrication techniques, and business practices reflects our commitment to sustainability. We focus on the people we work with and the environment we all share.

We press forward, never repeat

We work with private individuals, architects, contractors, builders, and interior designers. Our clients include: Google, Adidas, Remedy Editorial, Zynga, Kontent Films, SideMark, Nuna Inc, Advanced Systems Group, Oakland Museum of California, and Juice Design.

Contact us to learn more about our services and products. We look forward to hearing from you.


Photography | Winni Wintermeyer
Logo | Brett Critchlow, Juice Design